How to: League of Legends

League of legends is a team based strategy game, the goal is to work together with your team to try and bring down the enemy team’s nexus which is located in the middle of their base before they take down yours. There is a wide variety of champions to pick from, each being different. The map is split into three lanes and a jungle, each lane has its own champions:

  • A Fighter who is very strong and fights (usually) with a sword.
  • A Mage who uses magic spells to damage enemies.
  • A Jungler who roams the jungle killing monsters.
  • A Marksman who damages enemies from a safe range.
  • A Support who roams the map assisting allies.


In game there are two ways that your champion can get stronger, firstly is leveling up, you gain experience from killing enemies and killing minions which will allow you to level up, each time you level up you are allowed to also level up one of your abilities, by the time you reach level 6 you are allowed to unlock your ultimate ability which can change the tide of the game. The second way you can level up is to buy items at the shop, you gain gold by killing minions and enemy champions. Champions also have skins which give them a new look.


To successfully get into the enemy base you must take down all of their very powerful turrets. You should also watch out for enemy champions because they too have items and abilities and are also trying to take down your nexus. Basics of League of Legends, Get Money, Buy Items and Wreck their base. Learn how to play here.

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