The Exquisite Food of the Moroccan Cuisine

One of the many famous things that Morocco is known for is it’s food. The traditional food is the CusCus. But many different events bring many different dishes, for example, at traditional Moroccan weddings, we are served with two different dishes. Morocco especially excels in the production of sweets and almond sweets. Sweets are served everywhere in Morocco. Sweets are served in huge amounts in Weddings and during the holy Muslim times, including Ramadan, and Eid. The two most famous Moroccan almond sweets are Kaab al Ghazal and Briouats. The first one, Kaab looks a little like this.

The Kaab is filled with almonds that are crushed into extremely small pieces (Almond Paste), then wrapped and placed in the oven, many famous Moroccan cuisines like to have designs on the Kaab before placing them in the oven just like above, if you enjoy looking at these pictures and are looking forward to making these you can visit this link to a recipe of how to make it. Enjoy!

The second sweet, Briouat is similar to the Kaab. The almonds are made into paste. They are then stuffed into ward dough, fried and then dipped in honey and ready to be served, the final product looks like this. On how to make this you can click here and follow the recipe.


I hope you enjoy making your almond sweets and getting a taste of only a part of the exquisite Moroccan cuisine.

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