My Genius Hour Project

For my Genius Hour Project project I researched who was the best player in History, it was between Messi, Ronaldo, Maradonna and Pele.  I was extremely interested in it because I love football and my goal one day is to turn into a Professional football player and my favorite player is Ronaldo but I made sure I was not biased because I wanted it to be a fair comparison. Throughout my research I learned that it is impossible to compare players from different times because they didn’t play against the same opponents and we wouldn’t know how players in the past would do in the football world today. If I was to give myself a grade I would give myself an 92% because I feel like I had put enough time into my presentation and during my preparation it was excellently executed and I had an eye catching presentation. But due to technical issues ad lack of time I was not able to complete it to the best of my abilities. I feel my presentation helped the community compare and contrast the past and present in terms of football and showed how the level of football is always increasing by time. For the next genius hour I would probably make less words on my slides and talk more, also I would probably like to have less transitions because it said it on my rubric, for my next genius hour I would want to research about either League of Legends or Volleyball or Video Games. You can check out my presentation here.



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