The Criminal Justice System

My topic for this round of Genius hour was about the Criminal Justice in the United States, and all of its components, how it functions and the process in which you have to go through if you ate the accused. I have chosen this topic because I want to become a lawyer in the future and I found it relevant that I do some research about the area in which I am working on, although I might not work in the United States, I still wanted to understand what it was because before my project or any research, I had no idea what the Criminal Justice System was.

As a whole I learned a lot about how this system is crucial towards creating laws and punishing the criminals who break them. I also learned what the role of the defense attorney which i was looking forward to the most. This helped me grow as a person because it made me more experienced in the Criminal Justice System (just a little), and if anyone has a question about it, they can come to me to ask me about it. It has made me more knowledgeable about the world of law.

I tried changing my presentation after I received constructive criticism about having too many words and transitions in one slide. I decided to remove all the words and just had one image per slide in hopes of getting the viewer to be more engaged into what I say and not whats on the slides. I would say that this has helped both me and my friends because it has made myself and them more knowledgeable in this topic, it has also helped them and given them a view of the study of law is like, after looking at my presentation one might be interested in the subject and conduct their own research about it to further excel in it.

I would like to do my next presentation about solar power because I come from Morocco which has the biggest solar power farm in the world, and also this will help the world because solar power is a very efficient way of creating clean power and helping the global warming crisis that is happening in the world at the moment.

Click Here to visit my Presentation. 

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The Influence of Media

Media is probably the most dangerous weapon that a country can use to impact its citizens. But it mostly impacts the young people that are living in our generation due to the fact that the cannot comprehend the effect that it has on your actions. The most impacted are the teenagers in society because it teaches them how to dress, talk , what to buy and also body image. Sometimes media also promotes violence. In some cases the use of Media can spark a certain feeling towards an opposing nation, therefore creating economical unrest. I can say that the Media has affected me in both a positive and negative way, firstly as a kid I was very vulnerable and sometimes went as far as preferring what the media said over what my parents said. Gradually I began noticing this effect on myself and didn’t pay them any attention.

Firstly economy, the public’s mood can be be greatly effected because of media coverage. Companies that have more revenue get to show up on the media more than other companies, which is going to push most of the citizens of that countries to buy their products, which is going to cause the other companies to lose shares and have loses.

Secondly media influences gender and body image, by using specific models and people to display their clothes, the clothing industry is pushing all the people to look a certain way and they do not accept having fat people in their society. As a kid I fell victim to this and began trying to look better, after a while I noticed that I can live being the way I want and I don’t need to try and fit in because I am already good the way I am. Also gender, media can make you feel welcomed. One could be a homosexual, and maybe the country they live in does not support them. All they see in the media are normal couples and they begin feeling a different way.

Finally Media can greatly affect your views on culture, being a Moroccan, the things I was able to see on Senegalese TV were so different to what they used to be. Without noticing I am slowly starting to adapt towards their culture and leaving behind my true culture and heritage. Now having grown up I should be able to analyze what a certain media is trying to convey. We should not let Media control us. but we should be the ones controlling it.

How to: League of Legends

League of legends is a team based strategy game, the goal is to work together with your team to try and bring down the enemy team’s nexus which is located in the middle of their base before they take down yours. There is a wide variety of champions to pick from, each being different. The map is split into three lanes and a jungle, each lane has its own champions:

  • A Fighter who is very strong and fights (usually) with a sword.
  • A Mage who uses magic spells to damage enemies.
  • A Jungler who roams the jungle killing monsters.
  • A Marksman who damages enemies from a safe range.
  • A Support who roams the map assisting allies.


In game there are two ways that your champion can get stronger, firstly is leveling up, you gain experience from killing enemies and killing minions which will allow you to level up, each time you level up you are allowed to also level up one of your abilities, by the time you reach level 6 you are allowed to unlock your ultimate ability which can change the tide of the game. The second way you can level up is to buy items at the shop, you gain gold by killing minions and enemy champions. Champions also have skins which give them a new look.


To successfully get into the enemy base you must take down all of their very powerful turrets. You should also watch out for enemy champions because they too have items and abilities and are also trying to take down your nexus. Basics of League of Legends, Get Money, Buy Items and Wreck their base. Learn how to play here.

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Connect Twitter Assignment/Genius Hour

At the end of my first Genius Hour Project, I was tasked with finding 10 people who were related to my second Genius Hour Project, which just happened to be about Law and The Criminal Justice System in the United States. After finding 10 Lawyers and adding them to a list, I had to @ mention them in a tweet asking either a questions about my topic or just telling them that I am looking forward to sharing information with them about their topic. I looked for many Law related topics as well as many Law Professors, I searched for them because I figured that they would be very experienced in the field of Law. I requested some very basic background knowledge on the Criminal Justice System in their respective countries, which would help me better understand the topic in hopes of getting a really good score.

My list of followers contained:

  • @lessig – Law Professor
  • @mclean – Investor
  • @JohanthanTurley – Law Professor
  • @joridestallela – Lawyer
  • @Fatihhaydogan – Law Professor
  • @alawprofessor – Law Professor
  • @wafajanahi – Civil Law Professor
  • @amychua – Yale Law Professor
  • @OrinKerr – Law Professor
  • @KhaledBeydoun – Law Professor

I am sure that a Law Professors life is very busy, The Presidential Debate also helped shadow my chances of not receiving any comments back or any follows. This was probably not the perfect time to be asking questions due to the fact that it was the beginning of a new year for all of the Professors and they were most likely busy. I am sure that I will be using this method of retrieving information a next time in the future, I might use it in my extended essay as a primary document coming from an official source. This was a very informative assignment and it taught me how I can use Social Media to my advantage in terms of schoolwork.


The Exquisite Food of the Moroccan Cuisine

One of the many famous things that Morocco is known for is it’s food. The traditional food is the CusCus. But many different events bring many different dishes, for example, at traditional Moroccan weddings, we are served with two different dishes. Morocco especially excels in the production of sweets and almond sweets. Sweets are served everywhere in Morocco. Sweets are served in huge amounts in Weddings and during the holy Muslim times, including Ramadan, and Eid. The two most famous Moroccan almond sweets are Kaab al Ghazal and Briouats. The first one, Kaab looks a little like this.

The Kaab is filled with almonds that are crushed into extremely small pieces (Almond Paste), then wrapped and placed in the oven, many famous Moroccan cuisines like to have designs on the Kaab before placing them in the oven just like above, if you enjoy looking at these pictures and are looking forward to making these you can visit this link to a recipe of how to make it. Enjoy!

The second sweet, Briouat is similar to the Kaab. The almonds are made into paste. They are then stuffed into ward dough, fried and then dipped in honey and ready to be served, the final product looks like this. On how to make this you can click here and follow the recipe.


I hope you enjoy making your almond sweets and getting a taste of only a part of the exquisite Moroccan cuisine.

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My Genius Hour Project

For my Genius Hour Project project I researched who was the best player in History, it was between Messi, Ronaldo, Maradonna and Pele.  I was extremely interested in it because I love football and my goal one day is to turn into a Professional football player and my favorite player is Ronaldo but I made sure I was not biased because I wanted it to be a fair comparison. Throughout my research I learned that it is impossible to compare players from different times because they didn’t play against the same opponents and we wouldn’t know how players in the past would do in the football world today. If I was to give myself a grade I would give myself an 92% because I feel like I had put enough time into my presentation and during my preparation it was excellently executed and I had an eye catching presentation. But due to technical issues ad lack of time I was not able to complete it to the best of my abilities. I feel my presentation helped the community compare and contrast the past and present in terms of football and showed how the level of football is always increasing by time. For the next genius hour I would probably make less words on my slides and talk more, also I would probably like to have less transitions because it said it on my rubric, for my next genius hour I would want to research about either League of Legends or Volleyball or Video Games. You can check out my presentation here.



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I chose Instagram as my Widget because I love photography, naturally I would be into like video games or something else that involves a lot of action, but photography is for people who are calm, I enjoy capturing something, and then it remains as a permanent mile stone. Also after a couple years I would wanna be able to look back at an image and have a flashback of what happened then, also be able to tell my children about it. Instagram is a place where I like to post any picture that means something to me. Follow me @abderrahmanebakkali.

– Abderrahmane El-Bakkali

How to be a Successful Student

There are many aspects which we must put in play for any of us to be an outstanding student, we can compile a list to see many of these elements;

-Make your Studies your Number 1 priority.


-Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

-Pay Attention and Stay Focused.

-Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused.

-Use your Resources.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Do What you Love” (Marc Anthony)

Personally my top ranked two are Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused and Don’t Compare yourself to anyone else. Firstly, I am a person who is a huge technology junkie so I love using electronics, this has its ups and downs, but when it comes to studying it is a definite down because I easy get distracted from every notification I get and very tempted to read it, with that issue I learned that I should shut down my phone every time I come to do my homework because then I can get to do my work to the best of my quality without any distractions, it also links in to the second part of the aspect, staying focused, with my phone being off, I can remain focused for longer periods of time meaning my homework takes less time to do when my phone is off. Secondly, Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s almost like telling someone to not judge a book by its cover, we all still do it. We all compare ourselves to others and the truth is that we shouldn’t, because knowing that someone is better than you will disallow you from doing your best, also at the end of any test or quiz it doesn’t matter what score the person you compare yourself to receives but what matters is what your final result is. For more information on becoming click here. Combining all of these elements will make you a successful student at school.


Your Phone Should be switched off when studying and doing Homework, if you don’t want to turn it off then place it face down, far away from reach.

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Not a lose but a lesson.

Last year, some time near the end of the first trimester, my team mates and I were prepping for the biggest game of our life, football WAISAL final, after 2 month of practice and hard work we were all ready to beat LCS, we only thought of victory. My heart was beating out of my chest, we started the game and the first half passed by like a breeze and we were 2-0 down. I told myself at halftime that I didn’t practice for 2 long months and do countless suicides just to lose on the brink of victory, I didn’t even care about the crowd or anyone and I felt as if I was alone in the court and I did by absolute best which was immediately stopped at the crossbar as it shook and a woo roared from the crowd. We all give it our best and ended up losing 3-0. The referee blew one last time and the whole world stopped and I couldn’t believe that we lost. I kept looking for people to blame and them I gave up. The lesson I learned from this was the nothing lasts forever unless you want it to. A few hours later I found myself having fun and enjoying my time, which I could not have done if I hadn’t learned what learned that day which was accepting defeat, because if I didn’t I would have never forgave myself until this day.